Cast Stretch Wraps

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Key Features:
  • High-performance with extreme strength and tear-resistance.
  • Great cling strength and pallet load stability with puncture resistance.
  • Heavy-duty wraps with industrial strength and durability.
  • Ideal for wrapping irregularly shaped items like furniture.
  • Suitable for industrial and personal use as a transportation pallet wrap and wrapping furniture for moving.
  • Protects items from dirt, tear, and scratches.
Specifications And Available Options:

Sr No.




Additional Specification

Rolls Per Case


Stretch Wrap 18" x 90 Gauge

18" Stretch Film G.W. 18 LBS

Width: 18"  / Thickness: 90 gauge / Net weight 14 lbs / Gross weight: 18 lbs / Core: 3"

2 sided cling



Stretch Wrap 18" x 80 Gauge

18" 80 GA G.W. 34 LBS

Width: 18" / thickness: 80 gauge / Net weight 28bs / Gross weight: 34lbs / Core 3"

2 sided cling



Stretch Wrap Black 18" x 90 Gauge

18" Black Stretch Film 80G

Width: 18" / thickness: 90 gauge / Net weight 14 lbs / Gross weight: 18 lbs / Core: 3"

2 sided cling


Additional Product Details:

Make the most of the high-performance, clarity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of cast stretch wraps. 

These wraps can be used for multiple purposes and even as a transportation pallet wrap. The wrapped pallet will be exceptionally durable and easy to move during transportation. 

Additionally, these cast stretch wraps have high puncture resistance, providing dynamic pallet load stability and cling strength.

They’re also tear-resistant, making them durable and ideal for heavy-duty wrapping in industrial and personal use.

In addition to being used as a pallet wrap, these stretch wraps also work great for irregular items like furniture.