Cutwork Bags LDPE | 1.6 MIL

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Key Features:
  • High-quality material from 100% virgin LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).
  • Eliminating health risks with BHT-free formulation. 
  • Enhanced visibility for packaging and storage with transparency. 
  • Contributing to the circular economy through recyclable #4.
Specifications And Available Options:

Sr No.




(W x H)


Bag Type

Qty. Per Case


24 X 36" Heavy Duty Cutwork Bags


24 X 36’’

1.6 MIL

Open-end cutwork garment bag 


Additional Product Details:

SCI’s Heavy Duty Cutwork Polyethylene Bags made of high-quality material from 100% virgin LDPE are designed for heavy-duty cutwork. 

The exceptional clarity of these custom poly bags is ensured by the top-notch material used. Moreover, the formulation is free from BHT, which eliminates any potential health hazards. 

The transparency of these bags enhances their visibility, making them perfect for packaging and storage purposes. 

Additionally, they contribute to the circular economy by being recyclable under #4 categories.

With 100/200 wholesale poly bags in each case depending on the model, they’re the best value poly bags for packaging!